Meet the Babe Behind it All

Blogging is never something that I thought was part of my business plan. It's not that I hate blogs, I actually love them. I've been a devoted reader to many blogs written by strangers, acquaintances, and friends. For some reason, it just never seemed like a space that I felt like I fit into. Bloggers' lives' and social media always seemed glamorous and unattainable to me and I think the front that can be put up turned me off to it entirely. Sometimes you just assume something isn't for you without really diving into the details and thinking about it. 

A few weeks ago I was chatting with one of my favorite babes/bloggers/social media guru, Rosey and she gave me some invaluable advice about Babes Never Die that really opened up my mind. Sometimes I can get so stuck in the details of the business of embroidery, that I forget there is so much more I wanted to do with Babes Never Die and this blog is just one of the ways I'm going to accomplish it. Now that you have the backstory, you may be wondering who I am and what you'll see on this blog, so keep on reading for FAQ's! 

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Jessica! I live in Dallas, TX with my boyfriend, our dog Pickles, and our cat Penny. My extremely broad interests include: nature, bright color combos, gardening, astrology, anything weird and creepy, decorating, honesty, doing my best to feel my best, having strong-as-hell lady friends, and TV. 

Q: What are you going to blog about?
A: I plan on sharing home decor and styling tips, DIY embroidery projects, home and personal organization tips, my ongoing journey with mental health, and probably a lot of things I just can't wait to recommend to the World (giving unsolicited advice is a Cancer trait, okay?). 

Q: Who are you writing this for? 
A: This blog is for anyone that is looking for some colorful and truthful inspiration in their life. Whether that be through a brightly colored embroidery hoop, tips for making a stand-out floral arrangement on a budget, or reading about someone else's journey and knowing that they aren't alone. 

Q: How can I get involved? 
A: I want Babes Never Die to evolve into a community for all of us. I am always open to your feedback and want this blog to be a two-way conversation, not just me typing blog posts at you. I want to hear what you have to say, so please comment on blog posts with your thoughts, head over to the Let's Talk page if you have any other suggestions or comments, or feel free to send me an e-mail! I love collaboration and can't wait to see what we can all do together.

Babes Never Die