Red State Raffle Follow Up

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably saw something about a Red State Raffle the past couple weeks. Well, my instagram stories let me know loud and clear that they wanted a little more context about the raffle so here it is!

Raffle Post

The week the raffle went from idea to reality was a rough one. I sat in a training room full of men wondering if the other two women in the room (including the instructor) were as distracted as I was. As scared as I was that people without uteruses get to make laws for people with uteruses. As mad as I was and wanted to do something about it. I got my journal out and started brainstorming right there in the front row.

Every time I have tried donating to a non-profit through Babes Never Die with a typical structure, such as donating proceeds from the day, week, month etc, it frankly doesn’t feel like enough. My store does not get a lot of daily traffic, so I knew I had to tap into something different for this one to make more than $12.

I thought about what resources I had: art, a knack for organizing, and a lot of talented friends that I knew were also upset and wanted to do something about it. We could work with that. I put together a short list of people I was friends with, just in case nobody else wanted to donate. After I posted a call for artists and makers and anyone that wanted to contribute, I quickly realized my short list was not needed. People showed up and wanted to help. Over 25 artists, makers, and friends reached out and 20 of them donated prizes for the raffle. A good portion of them were people I had not even talked to before! I was in shock and felt overwhelmed with love and support.

The Non-Profits
I chose three organizations as options to donate to. I found them all through National Network of Abortion Funds Fund Tracker.

West Fund, YellowHammer Fund, and ARC Southeast

Raffle Rules

As a collective group of over 23 individuals, we donated $700 to these three funds over 10 days. I’m so proud that I know so many people willing to donate and help out - monetarily or via their talent. This entire raffle has been a nice, warm hug of a reminder that I’m not fighting this fight alone and that there are A LOT of us and there is power in that.

I’ve included every artist that donated and a link to find more of their work below! Show them lots of love and I hope you found out about a new small womxn owned business through this at the very least!

The Business that Donated Prizes: