Get to Know My Home Style

I’ve always put a lot of thought into decorating the various spaces I’ve lived in. Growing up, my bedroom ALWAYS had a theme (my favorite was the hippie tye-dye phase). When I moved away for college, I nested real hard and decorated my side of the dorm with so many cozy things it became the go-to place for my friends to hang out (and sleep). Every apartment or house I’ve rented since then has been the same – when I move in I can’t stop until it is fully decorated and feels like a home. No matter where I’ve lived, my home has always been my safe space and sanctuary. As an introvert with a labor-intensive side hustle, I spend a lot of time at home and loving my space is an important part of being productive and happy for me.

I want you all to get to know my home style since, after all, this is the space I created to share that. I think of someone’s style at home as an extension of their personality and I love going to my friends’ houses and seeing that theory proven. While I was thinking about how to define my home style, it became less of a definition and more about the principles I generally follow.

Fill the house with more memories than mass-produced décor
I have more than my fair share of Target impulse buys around my house, but when I look at the ratio of generic décor to décor that is tied to a memory in our house, memories definitely win. Whenever I go on vacation, or when Jude and I go on vacation, I always bring back 1 or 2 postcards that I love. Then I just grab a few frames and frame them and hang them on the wall. It’s interesting art that means something to us and reminds us of the memories we made in that place. I also am lucky to be friends with some talented artists and seeing their art on my wall reminds me how grateful I am to be surrounded by so much creativity.

A postcard we picked up at the UFO Museum in Roswell on a road trip

A postcard we picked up at the UFO Museum in Roswell on a road trip

I am NOT afraid of color
I.Love.Color. I’ve always been drawn to bright, bold colors and that definitely bled into my home style. The first couch I ever picked out after college was a beautiful pumpkin orange that really made a statement in my tiny apartment. We recently just got a new couch and chair from Joybird. When I requested the swatch samples I was overwhelmed. There were so many color options! I knew that warm tones worked best in our living room with our current rug, so that narrowed it down a little. We ultimately ended up choosing a bright yellow couch and pink chair. Not everyone’s first choice for couches, but we are just not neutral couch people. Don’t be afraid to make a bold color choice in your home! If you need to work your way there, a bright lamp or print for your walls is a great place to start!


I over-decorate and then scale back over time
Hello, my name is Jessica and I am an over-decorator. Luckily, this has really gotten a lot better because I’ve donated a lot of odds and ends I thought I needed from a garage sales, but I still have a tendency to initially make a home look like someone’s grandmother just moved out and left all her cat trinkets. When I move in to a house, I put everything up and then change things around for at least a month. That’s the beauty of decorating your home, you can change it whenever you want/whenever you are not feeling lazy! Scaling back on décor has been surprisingly freeing. Being mindful about whether an tem brings joy into your home or simply is just ~there~ has been a big mindset shift for me and really helped me weed out the meaningless over-decorating so I’m left with the most meaningful items in my home.

I don’t commit to one style
I envy houses that can commit to one look and pull it off flawlessly. I could look at mid-century modern homes forever. I have so many pictures of urban jungalow homes saved to my phone. Our home is definitely not one definitive style, though. If I had to define it, I would say it’s probably a mid-century, eclectic garden. It is totally okay to pick and choose from different styles and discover what speaks to you.

Fill the house with people you love and make it functional
The most important part of any home is the people and energy you fill it with. We love hosting the occasional party, bbq, movie night, wrestling watch party, etc. If you know you’re a hoster at heart, make sure your space is as functional as it can be! That means plenty of seating, don’t freak out if something gets spilled or stained, have a snack plan, and just enjoy the company in your home. Add your own memories to the space.

party pics.JPG

These principles are just what works for me and to quote Amy Poehler in her book Yes, Please, “Good for her! Not for me.”, which means what works for me might not be what you’re into, which is fine! I do suggest thinking about your home style though, it’s a surprisingly reflective process and you might just learn more about your personality and what you cherish the most in the process.