A Babe's Guide To Plants - Level 0

I have not always had a green thumb. For about 15 years (ages 12-27) I either hated being outside in nature because I was too scared of bugs or being itchy or having fun, or I desperately tried to keep plants alive. So, how did I get from Level 0, or “How did I kill this cactus?” to Level 3, or “I found this leaf on the ground and can grow another plant from it”? That answer is easy – the community of the internet.

Once I successfully kept a few herbs alive for a few months I started thinking about what other plants I could bring in to our home, which to me was Level 2. I started to notice plants everywhere and if I gravitated toward it, I snapped a picture of it. Then I had all these pictures and no information, so I started the process of trying to figure out what the plant was….which was a lot of trial and error.


I’ll save you the work and go straight to the most helpful resource - there are THOUSANDS of Facebook Groups dedicated to identifying plant pictures, diagnosing your plant problems, and just for appreciating native plants people see out and about. I joined 10 immediately (I have since weeded out 8 of them, thank you). The wonderful thing about these communities are they are filled with other plant lovers and people who have WAY more knowledge than I did/do. I posted the pictures I snapped to figure out which plants to look for at the store, I perused everyone questions, and I gained so much knowledge from these groups. After that, I started playing a game in my head while I was in public of “What’s That Plant?” and found that I KNEW THE ANSWERS NOW! Monstera! Umbrella Tree! Snake Plant! Educating myself and learning from the community is how I am now able to keep plants alive and propagate strangers’ cacti left and right.

    There are so many benefits to having a simple garden and tending to house plants. You’ll see a lot more on plants here in the future, but for now here are just a few benefits in case you need some more convincing that adding plants to your life is the right choice.

    A view of my little patio garden

    A view of my little patio garden

    Greenery in your house is always stylish. Plants are very trendy right now and I don’t think that’s going away any time soon (at least not in my house). Plants are a great, cheap, and easy way to decorate and add dimension (and LIFE!) to any room that needs some love.

    Having a simple, practical garden saves you that moneyyyyy, honeyyyyy! Having access to your favorite herbs that you always have to buy at the store right on your back porch is priceless. I can pay around $1.99 for a basil plant and then repot and take care of it, and I never have to buy basil at the store again.

    Keeping plants can help keep you happy! As I started adding to my house plant collection one by one, I found a lot of joy and comfort by making sure they were flourishing in the right spots, that they had water/but not too much water, turning them so that all sides get some sun, etc. These little routines and rituals started to make me feel very grounded and became a meditation of sorts, serving to help me feel calm, collected, and happy. As a person living with anxiety and depression, that feeling is priceless and I have done enough work on myself to know when that bell goes off that says ‘hey, this is bringing you joy’ in my head, that I should do more of that.