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Current Clients:

Here’s the breakdown of my process for all current clients!

Process Overview:

  • Fill out your initial Client Homework that I send you via Google Docs

  • I start building your site based on your answers

  • Upload any personal content you want on your site to the Google Drive folder links (will be provided). This is how you provide bios, headshots, or whatever other images you want to include on your site.

  • I send you a link to the site for approval / a round of changes, if necessary.

  • Once approved, I send you the instructions to set up your Square Space account and purchase your domain.

  • I'll add you as a contributor and transfer the site from my domain to yours and send you information about available plans to keep your content updated / how to update it on your own.

  • I'll send you an invoice!

  • I'll monitor your site as needed and provide updates based on your choice of content plans.